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Ganja White Night

23rd February 2018 - Friday 20:00

Ganja White Night, Belgium's sensational electronic music artists are bringing their signature sounds to the Tabernacle Atlanta!

Ganja White Night was formed in Mons (Belgium) in 2007 and is a duo consisting of producers Benjamin Bayeul and Charlie Dodson. While their musical style can be broadly classified as Electronic Dance Music (EDM), it's best described as a blend of dubstep (a genre of electronic dance music that originated in England and features overwhelming bass lines, reverberant drum patterns, clipped samples, and occasional vocals) and hip hop. Their style is unique in that they focus more on dubstep's roots rather than fancy production techniques. Benjamin said in an interview, "Personally, we kind of like the fact that people say we’re old school producers, mostly because of the fact that we’re not technical geniuses like some of these other musicians out there. We give more importance to the soul of the track than trying to reach a high technique level. I think old school producers in dubstep – the one’s who actually launched the style – gave more importance to making original melodies and catchy wobbles than looking for a special bass sound that defies sound design. Their tunes were pure and original." They've had a stellar career with 6 studio albums, 2 singles, and they've performed at the 2017 Bonnaroo music and arts festival.

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