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The Revolution

24th February 2018 - Saturday 20:00

The Revolution, Minnesota’s sensational multi genre artists are bringing their signature sounds to the Tabernacle Atlanta!

The Revolution was formed in Minneapolis in 1979 by legendary artist Prince. He needed a backing band after his first album came out and, with himself on lead vocals, guitar, and piano, he recruited Dez Dickerson (guitar), Andre Cymone (bass guitar), Bobby Z. (drums and percussion), Gayle Chapman (keyboards), and Matt Fink (keyboards) to form Prince and The Revolution. Though widely regarded as a rock band, their musical style also spanned many genres such as funk, neo psychedelia (a diverse style of music - originating in the 1970s as an outgrowth of the British post punk scene – that borrowed a variety of elements from 1960s psychedelic music and emphasized the cryptic margins of avant-rock, incorporating evanescent textures over an immutable bassline, producing a heavy metallic ambience), new wave, and synth pop. Their sound was so unique it eventually became a subgenre of funk rock (called Minneapolis sound) and it became highly popular in the 80s. The band split up in 1986 but decided to get back together after Prince’s death in 2016. The current line up consists of Bobby Z., Matt Fink, Lisa Coleman (keyboards), Brown Mark (bass guitar), and Wendy Melvoin (rhythm guitar).

Don’t miss your chance to see these artists add a unique touch to funk, rock, neo psychedelia, and Minneapolis sound! Click the button below to see The Revolution on Saturday, February 24th!

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